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Session #8 – “Where the **** is my porter?” – 5/25/15

The party had some luck in this session, finding a large hoard of treasure, but lost Aelzef, their porter, in the process. Read on for details!


  • Garros the Level 2 Dwarf FM
  • M’Segobaor the level 2/1 Elf FM/MU
  • Gar Eblo the Level 2 Cleric


  • Farfuleg the Bold (now a 3rd level FM)


  • Stavros – Survived!
  • Baldue – Survived!
  • Aelzef the porter – This poor lad disappeared while walking through a glowing archway.

The party decided to explore the ‘lava cave’, and found a series of sketchy wooden bridges connecting stone islands some 60 feet above a lava-filled cavern. The series of bridges terminated in an island with a large, black stone statue of a sword-wielding knight. After a few missed starts, and with help from his companions and 50 feet of strong rope, Garros made it to thBlack Knight Statuee foot of the statue. It animated and asked him “I grant you one boon or bane. Speak your assent!” No one expected him to reply ‘Yes!”, but he did, and was rewarded with a treasure map that showed the way to a large hoard in the eastern part of the caves.

On the way there, the party encountered six Cyclorcs, but made short work of them and continued on. The way was through the hall of flying skulls – the party had a plan to deal with the bothersome foes, but forgot about the black cat perched on a ledge at the hall entrance, who ran off quickly when they approached. Was he alerting his master? The flying skulls were dealt with in short order after a few minor bite wounds, but the party soon found themselves attacked by Ixthius, the wandering fighting-man who had disappeared into the wilds some time ago. Farfuleg knew of him, so Ixthius was subdued and bound, then questioned about the caves and environs.Cyclorcs He only remembered encountering the Wizard Thalfazar in the caves, after that his memory was hazy. He seemed himself, so he was freed and agreed to join the party.
Garros and M’Segabaor left the party in the hall of flying skulls and explored south, down a corridor that approached a glowing orange archway, as this is where the treasure map led them. They had been gone but a few moments when they heard a yell from the hall “Fools!” and raced back to find the entire party had been put into a magical slumber. When they were awoken, they reported seeing a dark, robed figure who appeared from the south. Was it Thalfazar? The party ran in pursuit, headed south into a brightly-lit chamber. A pentagram was inscribed on the floor at the center of the room, a pedestal at the center of it and a large, leather tome atop the pedestal. As the party approached, a giant spider dropped from above, landing next to Stavros, its fangs narrowly missing the mercenary. When the spider was attacked in return, it showed its illusory nature and vanished, while at the same time the party saw a secret door on the south wall open and close. It was as if someone or something had gone through it – but nothing could be seen!

Following as fast as they could, the party ran down a short tunnel into a richly furnished room with soft fur rugs, lit wall sconces, and tapestries showing demonic summoning and undead armies on the march. A bed was on the east wall, a desk made of black marble on the west. A half-opened secret panel on the underside of the desk contained a magical scroll. The only exit was to the south – this was a door that could not be opened, and it was presumed magically held. Garros and Ixthius had to break it down, but it was slow work and the Wizard was presumed to have fled, so the party turned their attention back to the treasure map.

They walked back through the hall of flying skulls, south to the orange glowing archway. Garros peeked through the arch and spied a room with black walls and ceiling, and another glowing archway to his east. Curiously, his opal pendant (previously identified as having magical protection properties of an uncertain nature) glowed every time he moved through the arch. He felt none the worse for wear, however, so he moved into the room and looked through the other archway. It led into a small room with naught but a raised dais, atop which was a vast treasure hoard of coins, gems and jewels. Garros was still wary, and so called for Aelzef to fetch his crowbar. Aelzef ran through the first glowing archway, crowbar in hand, and disappeared from sight! Not wanting to risk anyone else, Garros himself walked through the second archway. Again his amulet glowed but he was unharmed. He filled his backpack with as much platinum, gems and jewels as he could, then returned to the party. They decided to return to town, but vowed to return to the caves and find poor Aelzef.