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Session #9 –  “Oh noes, not again!” – 5/31/15

Our fearless band of dungeon marauders returned to the Caves of Woe after several days of rest, only to find that the necromancer Thalfazar had been busy in their absence.


  • Garros the Dwarf Fighting Man (level 2)
  • M’Segobaor the Elf FM/MU (levels 2/1)
  • Gar Eblo the Cleric (level 2) – RIP killed by some vicious, biting rotmouths


  • Farfuleg the Bold (3rd level FM)


  • Stavros – Survived!
  • Baldue – Survived!
  • Tal – The new porter – Survived!
  • Aelzef the porter – This poor lad disappeared while walking through a glowing archway, he is still missing

They had to fight through some of the same creatures they had already battled, this time as undead. Thalfazar made a brief appearance, if only to sleep most of the party, then run. Further on in unexplored territory, the party found a trapped staircase that was a fast slide into a Kobold warren. The fighting men made good userotmouth of their multiple attacks per round, and some burning oil to emerge victorious. It was a Pyhrric victory, however. Thalfazar, hidden during the battle, cast a darkness spell and fled again, but not before opening a sealed door, behind which were four Rotmouths who bounced over to the party, jaws gnashing. Poor Gar died after receiving two bites to the neck, and Garros was wounded, not dead but afflicted with a disease which was sapping his strength.

The party fled, intent to return to Ravendale and rest, but on the way out of the dungeon, they ran into the necromancer again. As the party charged him in a desperate, last-ditch effort to end his existence, he disappeared. Garros continued to lose strength, barely making it back to town alive. The Holy Church of the Mother attended him, saving his life but leaving him weakened and needing a good week’s worth of rest.

Monsters vanquished:

8 Undead cyclorcs
6 Undead redcap goblins
11 Kobolds
2 Kobold guards
1 Kobold leader
4 Rotmouths


Silver mace and crown