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Real date: 9/24/17 In-game date: September 1st, EY632


Ambrose (Veteran – Fighter L1)
Asher (Apprentice – Thief L1)
Imric (Medium – MU L1)

NPCs: Gruk – (Barbarian – Fighter L1)


Thom (torchbearer)

In our last session, the  party lost their Cleric Ustos to the Hobgoblin sub-chief, and after defeating him, locked themselves in his quarters for the night. Ambrose was able to heal a bit, but was still not quite himself (DM note: only 3hp left). After a disappointing meal of rations and water, the party suited up and continued on.

According to Berg, their captured Hobgoblin, the chieftain was down in the southern complex of rooms somewhere. Berg was anxious to go free, as per the agreement, but Ambrose paid him 5gp to create a disturbance and hopefully cause the chief’s guards to come investigate. Berg did his part, yelling outside the door to the southern area of the dungeon, while Asher blew the alerting horn he had found the day before. The plan worked! Four guards came running and were met by a barrage of arrows. One fell right away, while one managed to throw a spear that impaled Gruk, who fell unconscious (DM note: 0 hp). The guards retreated and the party pursued, melee was engaged and soon the three remaining guards were dead. Berg was nowhere to be found – apparently he had fled during the melee.

While the others tended to Gruk and searched the guard’s bodies, Ambrose moved south into the guard room, noting a door to the south, which was opening just as he approached. Out stepped the Hobgoblin chief! Ambrose managed to get his spear into the chief’s gut, while deftly avoiding his sword attack. Ambrose then moved aside and the party killed the advancing chief with a hail of arrows.

A search of the guard’s and chief’s quarters turned up a bag of mixed coins and several vials of clear liquid. The party decided to not tempt fate – they loaded up their loot and and returned to town.

DM notes: The party was quite lucky in the battle with the chief – first, Ambrose had a spear and so got the first attack against the chief’s shorter sword. He also rolled a critical hit, doing two dice of damage. The chief’s return attack missed, then he decided to avoid more  spear attacks and charge the party, and was hit by four arrows, which ended things. It was a bit anti-climactic, but could have been much worse for the 3hp-Ambrose had he not had a spear or rolled so well, or if the chief had decided to go after him instead of advancing towards the party.