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Real date: 1/6/18 In-game date: September 28th, EY632


Ambrose (Warrior – Fighter L2)
Asher (Robber- Thief L3)
Imric (Warrior/Seer Fighter L2/MU L2)
Roger (Outlander – Warden L1)


Thom (torchbearer)

In our last session, the party had finished exploring the ruined Hobbit village and returned to town to count their loot. While there they heard a report of some children who were exploring ‘Giant Fall’ – an area of large boulders strewn across the plains to the northwest – and who had discovered a heretofore unknown cave. The children claimed to have heard screams from within the dark cave, and had run back to town. That was all the party needed to suit up and head out to investigate.

The cave itself was fairly easy to find, as was the stone staircase leading down from within. After descending into the darkness, the party heard footsteps to the south, and headed that way, now walking through worked stone corridors. Thom’s torch illuminated part of a large room which seemed empty, save for four stone pillars. From afar, Imric spotted a rat head peeking from behind one of the pillars, and a moment later the party was rushed by ten rat-men. They were no match for a sleep spell – most succumbed to it but two who did not were quickly killed by Ambrose and Rolgrim. The rat-men had no treasure to speak of.

Moving south, the party came to a circular room with a pool in the center. Beneath the water was a small chest, and within it the party found a curious artifact – a desiccated finger. It radiated magic, and Imric pocketed it for later identification.

Moving on to the east, the party was surprised by six skeletons, each wearing good quality chain armor and wielding long daggers. Lamenting their lack of a Cleric, the party was forced to fight the skeletons. Asher, Roger and Ambrose were wounded in the melee, however the skeletons were ultimately defeated. The party returned to town to recover.

DM notes: The map for this dungeon level was taken from ‘The Ruined Monastery’ in Fight On #1. I re-stocked the rooms and adjusted the encounters for the party level as needed.