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Real date: 2/4/18 In-game date: September 28th, EY632


Ambrose (Warrior – Fighter L2)
Asher (Robber- Thief L3 – RIP)
Imric (Warrior/Seer Fighter L2/MU L2)
Roger (Outlander – Warden L1)


Zort (Adept – Cleric L2) – rescued prisoner


Thom (torchbearer)

In our last session, the party explored the ruins of a monastery beneath the Giant Fall. After defeating the skeletons, they headed east in the direction of a faint scream and the sound of rocks moving. Rounding a corner the rear guard (Rolgrim) was attacked by a tunnel wolf. He wasn’t seriously injured however and the party easily defeated the lone wolf. Moving on, the party came to a door. Scouting ahead of the party, Asher put his ear to the door and was surprised when it was opened – by an Ogre wielding a large axe. Asher suffered an axe wound and retreated, allowing Imric to cast a sleep spell, quickly ending the combat. Inside the room, the party discovered two prisoners, a Cleric Zort and his traveling companion Thilda. A search of the room and Ogre revealed some silver coins and gems in the Ogre’s pouch, and Zort’s weapons and armor piled amid some debris. A grateful Zort healed Asher and agreed to continue on with the party, while Thilda returned to Frostmark.

The party headed north, with Asher in the lead as usual. Through an archway, he entered a large, dark room and was immediately attacked by two flying Goblin-like creatures who threw javelins at him. One of the javelins found its mark and he retreated, wounded. The rest of the party ran into the room and soon was battling six of the creatures. After a few rounds the creatures were dead and the party examined their surroundings. They were in an old library, complete with with rotted shelves, books and scrolls. After a thorough search which turned up nothing of value, the party headed north.

Once again Asher the Robber scouted ahead of the party. He spied a small room off to one side of the main corridor, and peered in. Sadly, it was not empty but occupied by a large serpent, who from a darkened corner spat venom into Asher’s face [DM Note: Asher was surprised, the serpent hit and Asher failed a save vs. poison, taking damage]. The serpent darted forward and bit Asher in the face [DM Note: Failed initiative roll and another failed save!], and that was all poor Asher could take as he dropped to the floor.

Meanwhile, the party rushed into the room as fast as they could – Ambrose and Roger quickly killed the serpent, but it was too late for their friend Asher. They gathered Asher’s body and returned to town. Try as they might, the Priests of Soldra were not able to bring Asher back.

DM notes: Asher’s demise was a comedy of failed rolls. Apart from the failed surprise, initiative and two failed saves, he failed his CON save versus death roll (the first session where I used this house rule). Finally, he failed his shock survival roll during the resurrection attempt in town.